Workshops and Coaching

We offer workshops, coaching and curriculum development tailored to schools’ and teachers’ needs and curricular goals. In addition, we provide the following professional development opportunities.


Introduction to Imaginative Inquiry

Duration: Half-Day (up to 3 hours) or Full-Day (up to 6 hours)
Number of participants: Up to 25 participants

This workshop introduces elementary school teachers to the elements of Imaginative Inquiry. We model and examine how Imaginative Inquiry is used to teach a Social Studies unit of study, and provide examples of its uses in grades K-6.

Participants will be introduced firsthand to the process of Imaginative Inquiry, begin to analyze and practice the methods themselves, and discuss the rationale of using an Imaginative Inquiry framework in light of progressive practices and pedagogy. In the full-day workshop teachers will also begin to design an Imaginative Inquiry infused lesson/unit for their own curriculum.

Imaginative Inquiry Practicum

Duration: Half-day (up to 3 hours) or Full-day (up to 6 hours)
Number of participants: Up to 25 participants

Participants in this workshop will dive more deeply into the drama conventions used in Imaginative Inquiry. Teachers will experience a variety of Imaginative Inquiry lessons and analyze the conventions used, as well as practice leading drama activities themselves. We will consider how specific theater conventions can not only create contexts for Social Studies lessons, but put problem-solving and social justice at the center of a lesson. In the full-day workshop teachers will also have the opportunity to think about and plan how to apply Imaginative Inquiry to their own lessons and curriculum units.

Pre-requisite: Teachers must have attended an Introduction to Imaginative Inquiry workshop.

This workshop can be combined with an Introductory workshop for educators who are new to Imaginative Inquiry or as a refresher and practicum for those already experienced with Imaginative Inquiry.

Advanced Practicum

Duration: One or Two 6-hour days
Number of participants: Up to 15 participants

This workshop is designed for practitioners who have previously participated in an Imaginative Inquiry workshop and have implemented Imaginative Inquiry lessons in their classrooms. In a writing/theater workshop format, participants will share lessons that they have created, receive feedback and suggestions from their peers and facilitators, rework their lessons, and practice leading a drama lesson. Theater conventions, Mantle of the Expert, and other elements of Imaginative Inquiry will be reviewed and discussed.

Summer Institute for Imaginative Inquiry

Duration: Four 6-hour days
Number of participants: 25 maximum

In this summer intensive participants gain an in-depth overview of the methods of Imaginative Inquiry and experience firsthand an arc of lessons that uses a Mantle of the Expert framework to create exciting contexts for learning. Through demonstration and the practice of techniques themselves, teachers learn how drama can be used to ignite children’s imaginations and engage students of all ages in authentic inquiry and critical thinking skills. We examine how Imaginative Inquiry has been used in grades K-6 classrooms, and walk teachers through the process of planning Imaginative Inquiry lessons for their own curriculum.

Day 1The Nuts and Bolts of Imaginative Inquiry: Experience, Analysis, Application
Day 2Delving into Mantle of the Expert: Building a Framework & Mindset
Day 3Using Imaginative Inquiry to Teach a People’s Story/History
Day 4Synthesis and Planning


On-site or via Zoom

We offer on-site consultations for grade level teams of teachers to develop and implement Imaginative Inquiry lessons for a Social Studies unit of study.

This includes creating original lessons designed around existing curricular units or to launch a new study. We aim to support teachers’ own work while offering a broader framework of study and innovative methods of instruction. Ongoing coaching and collaboration with teachers throughout the unit of study provides consistent, in-class support. Depending on the teachers’ experience, this may be in the form of observation and feedback, co-teaching lessons, and/or demonstrating lessons.

A coaching consultation over a unit of study includes:

  • A pre-unit curriculum planning meeting
  • Weekly in-class visits to co-teach lessons
  • Weekly meetings to debrief and provide feedback
  • Research, creation and write up of lesson plans
  • Curriculum materials that go with lessons
  • Ongoing support via email/phone
  • A post-unit debriefing meeting

A breakdown of costs can be provided upon request, and depends on number of classrooms and schedule of visits.


via Zoom

These one-on-one sessions with an Imaginative Inquiry coach are aimed to assist teachers with prior Imaginative Inquiry experience to create a Mantle of the Expert framework and arc of lessons tailored to their curriculum. Five hour-long planning meetings will walk teachers through the steps of beginning a mantle, engage students as the expert team, use drama to deepen inquiry through exploration and problem-solving, and end with a synthesis project.

Session 1 – Creating a Mantle of the Expert
Session 2 – The Hook: Launching the Mantle
Session 3 – Developing the Team
Session 4 – Planning 2 Imaginative Inquiry Lessons
Session 5 – Designing a Synthesis Project

Open to multiple teachers from same grade team
Must have previously attended an Imaginative Inquiry workshop or consultation

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