Narration is a simple and effective way to begin a drama lesson, and helps students understand the context they are stepping into. Just like in storytelling, narration signals that we are entering imaginary worlds, sets the dramatic tone, and draws the listener in. 

One way to begin a narration is to describe the setting, using rich language to engage students and help them picture the scene. You can then narrate what certain characters are doing in the scene, and ask students to assume these roles. Narration can be used throughout the course of a lesson to give instructions, control the action, and to deliver information—while always staying inside the fiction.

Listen to some examples of how narration can be used in Imaginative Inquiry lessons for various age groups.

Opening narration for Bird Study Lesson (Kindergarten)
Opening narration for Lenape Lesson (grades 2-3)
using Narration for Older Students (5th/6th Grades)
Using Narration to Transition or Give Instructions